Don’t buy a vintage turntable until you read this. Here’s what you need to know. Do vintage turntables really offer a better listening experience than modern tables below $2,000? There […]

German rave classics and modern dance grooves from Kompakt Records’ Perel. Annegret Fiedler aka Perel has come a long way since her early years singing and playing in punk […]

Garage house, balearic grooves, boogie, and more from local DJ Xica Soul. One of our favorite selectors in town, Daniela Zepeda aka Xica Soul knows how to make […]

What you need to know about understanding frequency response curves of loudspeakers. Here’s an essential archival article from Paul Diacomo, a brilliant writer and longtime Polk Audio executive […]

ISC’s John Jones speaks to the “bubblin’ up” production trio from Chicago. At In Sheep’s Clothing, we’ve quickly become fans of the Chicago three-piece outfit Purelink. Their first […]

Synth-pop, indie, and dubwise downtempo from NYC based DJ Yibing! About a month ago, I got a chance to catch New York based DJ Yibing play a poolside […]

It’s been almost two decades since Sun Ra, the enigmatic artist who reported Saturn as his birthplace, left our planet and yet – the cosmic jazz pioneer’s Afrofuturist […]

Watch the first part of a two-part doc portrait of the unorthodox Jazz piano great, featuring live performances at the Village Vanguard and intimate BTS footage of 1967 […]

There is no equality without access to comprehensive reproduction health care. Another dark day in America last Friday as the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade eliminating the […]

Pachyman comes through with 5 selects prior to his appearance at This Ain’t No Picnic festival. Los Angeles-based musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and all around dub champion Pachy García […]

Crates LA is back for another record pop-up this Saturday 1-7pm at In Sheep’s Clothing Records. In anticipation of the record sale this Saturday, Crates LA has sent […]

Baba Stiltz “In L.A.” is available now exclusively at In Sheep’s Clothing Records and Public Possession. Stockholm-based musician, singer, and producer Baba Stiltz is bringing it “home,” in […]

Our good friend Lauren Fay is covering our monthly playlist slot with another of her classic themed playlist. “Slow ‘n’ easy daytime drifts with a Hawaiian twist (+ […]

Our friends lost their home, musical equipment, and countless records in a tragic fire. If you frequented our residency at Neuehouse this past summer, you might’ve attended a […]

Buying tip: Aldo Ciccolini’s essential recordings are easily found, exquisitely pressed and helped define a musical movement. In 1956 at the dawn of the hi-fi age, the Italian […]

Peak Oil’s Brian Foote and Brion Brionson chat ’90s raves, indie rock, and faceless techno bollocks. In the early ‘90s, rave culture exploded across the United States. Generator […]


Today we take a look at the mighty eighty-plus pound broadcast turntable – Elektromesstechnik’s 927 and its compact kid brother, the EMT 930.  Massive, industrial, monochromatic, and most […]


In celebration of his 82nd birthday today, here is a retrospective on Eberhard Weber, the eminent bass innovator, ECM mainstay, and ISC favorite. It’s hard to define the […]

Key moments and tracks from On-U Sound’s premier dub group. You could spend the rest of the winter researching producer, musician and On-U Sound founder Adrian Sherwood – […]

Cosmic soul, breezy soft rock, and latin funk from Crates LA. Crates LA is a blog and music channel dedicated to uncovering obscure and unknown songs across a […]

The great Jeff Parker shares five diverse selections from psychedelic jazz to visionary hip-hop. Jeff Parker is a musician that deals in many worlds. Equally adept at soloing […]

A rare pre-Hats interview with The Blue Nile on Deirdre O’Donoghue’s SNAP! radio show. As avid Blue Nile fans, we’re constantly scouring the internet for anything (interview, documentary, […]

Early live versions of Souvlaki and Just for a Day. “It doesn’t seem like the crowd is aware that they’re in the presence of greatness,” notes one commenter […]

Coffee, books, sandwiches, and dub! The year is finally coming to a close and boy, has it been one: Lockdowns, social distancing, vaccines, variants, worlds opening and closing […]

Join us New Year’s Eve for a special In Sheep’s Clothing set supporting DIIV. Shoegaze and dream pop have been making their way back into our collective consciousness. […]

Five crucial selections from Tokyo’s Toshihito “Dubby” Maeyama. Toshihito “Dubby” Maeyama is one of the most revered record collectors in Tokyo. Having worked at legendary record store Cisco […]

72-minutes of Stereolab live in Danbury, Connecticut. In 1994, Stereolab was hitting a creative peak. They’d just released “Mars Audiac Quintet,” their heavy-duty Krautrock-inspired fourth album, and five […]

Another strange year in the books. In 2021, we finally begin to crawl out of this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic. It hasn’t been a smooth transition by any means, but […]

Synthesized Satie for home listening, the dance floor, and beyond. You’ve heard groundbreaking French composer Erik Satie’s slow, existential sounding pieces in numerous films, shows, animations, and documentaries. […]

Haunted jazz, voodoo dub, devil’s dance, and ghostly guitars. What makes a song spooky? Does the spook come from particular melodies or instruments – eerie synthesizers, ghostly strings, […]

Film noir, exotica, and cinematic sounds from our friend Lauren Fay Levy aka Lost & Sound. Hey friends, back with another playlist! If you’ve been following along, you […]

The British shoegaze movement wouldn’t have existed without Alan McGee’s aesthetic in the years before the ‘90s explosion. Before bands including My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive, Swervedriver and […]

Exploring contemporary projects and shifts in a futurist utopia with releases from Arushi Jain, Brian Eno, Laurie Spiegel, and Kuniyuki Takahashi. Since its origin, ambient music has been […]

Multi-instrumentalist, drummer (CMON, Drugdealer), and NTS radio host Josh da Costa shares five gems. CMON (Confusing Mix Of Nations) is the studio project of Josh da Costa formerly […]

Contemplating summer with moody guitars, sunset electronics, and vanishing ambience. Hello friends! It’s been over a full month since we’ve started our dedicated listening residency at Neuehouse. Apologies […]

Five “fingertracks” from Andrew Hogge aka Lovefingers. It is without exaggeration to say that Andrew Hogge, aka Lovefingers, is one of our absolute favorite selectors. His pre-social media, […]

LA based music archivist and investigator Sonrisita shares iconic records from her life and collection. Melissa Dueñas aka Sonrisita joined us as a guest selector at our ongoing […]

A round up of 10 performances from the great Brazilian singer/guitarist. It was no accident that Brazilian singer and composer Gal Costa was born to enrapture audiences around […]

Abstract, experimental electronic music from one of our favorite local labels. Shimmering. Foggy. Warm. Hypnotic. These are all words that have been used to describe the abstract electronic […]


A new “electronic travelogue” full-length from Toronto-based C.R. Gillespie arrives today via Séance Centre. We’ve been closely following the introspective, highly conceptual sonic works of Colin Roy Gillespie […]

Thousand-year-old Mongolian music traditions meet folk and jazz on Squama Recordings’ latest. An undeniable magic inhabits the melodies and sounds of our youth. Lullabies, folk songs, the music of […]

“Organic music” hero Don Cherry plays himself in an odd but brilliant French sci-fi short. The narrative structure of this lesser-known short film by French filmmakers Jean-Noël Delamare, […]

Ten absurdly beautiful plinth designs. The physical experience of playing vinyl helps listeners rationalize elaborate customizations, from record shelves to speaker stands. One of the most gratifying, and […]

Released by Mute and Spoon Records, ‘Live in Stuttgart 1975’ is available to stream today. Looks like listening for today is sorted! Here’s one and a half hours […]

“The asymmetric relationship between those who give orders & those who must obey is always demonstrated by who controls access to the soundscape.” Our friends at Radio Alhara […]

A rare TV appearance from the cult English singer-songwriter. We’re big fans of Virginia Astley here at ISC HQ. Her conceptual debut From Gardens Where We Feel Secure […]

A beautiful portrait of the magnetic artist and educator who played with Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Art Blakey, and many others. Alto saxophonist Jackie McLean is a true […]

Happy birthday to the late great Holger Czukay of seminal krautrock band Can. “God gave Holger the tape machine and the devil gave him a pair of scissors…” […]

Tana Yonas explores the 7″ format with music writer Elizabeth Owuor and former Island Records exec Danny Holloway. Many record collectors who focus on albums or 12-inch singles […]

Join the party with Keith Haring and friends. Featuring music by Gwen Guthrie, Eddie Kendricks, Ministry, and NYC Peech Boys. “I’ve been watching these videos nonstop and everything/everyone […]

Daft Punk forever. French electronic music duo Daft Punk announced their retirement today after 28 years of iconic dance music. They broke the news with an 8-minute video […]

Wave Hill’s “Sunset Wednesdays” series presents Laraaji in a verdant moment of tranquility. Next time you need a cosmic reprieve, venture into Laraaji’s mystic grooves as part of […]

A new full length-album from G.S. Schray arrives March 5th on Last Resort.  We’ve been closely following Akron musician G.S. Schray ever since his album Gabriel was released […]


From Popol Vuh to Wagner to cellist Ernst Reijseger, an overview of a great director’s use of music in film. Viral videos of Werner Herzog’s skewed, oft archaic […]

Filmmaker Robert Mugge profiles Sun Ra, jazz musician, bandleader and self-styled poet and philosopher. “They say that history repeats itself. But history is only his story. You haven’t […]


In typical BBC4 fashion, here is Krautrock: The Rebirth of Germany: A full panoramic breakdown of the rise of one of the most influential sounds from Europe. “From […]

ISC HiFi releases 20 new (( ROOM RECORDINGS )). Bryan Ling reflects on the inspiration behind these sessions. The room recordings on the ISC website are meant to […]


Although some of its artists also used electronics, the American label Windham Hill pioneered new acoustic music to such an extent that during its peak years the label […]


Making Waves is a 2019 documentary examining how visionary directors work with sound designers to create the most exciting cinematic experiences. The film follows discoveries and advances in […]

The unbelievable story of the Incan princess who made timeless exotica with Les Baxter. Yma Sumac had a supernatural hold on her audiences. When she walked on stage, […]

Revisiting one of our favorite labels with Aquarium Drunkard’s excellent three part ‘Guide to ECM’ series. To celebrate the anniversary of our ECM Listening Party with Aquarium Drunkard, […]


Essential productions from one of the major architects of modern Japanese pop music. To find an individual as prolific and influential as Haruomi Hosono is almost impossible in […]

Revisiting one of our all-time favorite music pieces today from our good friend Randall Roberts. The Lost Art of Deep Listening encapsulates the essence of the In Sheep’s […]

Happy Holidays! Here’s a second helping of ISC playlists. Compiled by our newest staff member Tana Yonas, More Christmas Sounds focuses on festive jazz, funk, and soul classics […]

Reissues. We love them. But can there be too many? Surely not, so here are 11 reissues and archival recordings that you might have missed during this tumultuous […]

The pandemic. George Floyd’s murder and the furious protests that followed. The election. The isolation and its physical and mental tolls. Brilliant creators like Harold Budd, Charley Pride, […]

Hey friends, we’re back with the final “Collection Favorites” playlist of the year. Here are 40 more select tracks from our growing record collection. We hope it’s the […]

To accompany our soundsystem feature on historic NYC discotheque Paradise Garage, we’ve put together a little playlist of some of our all time favorite Paradise Garage classics including […]

Holger Czukay, Michael Karoli, Jaki Liebezeit, Irmin Schmidt: The core members of visionary Krautrock band CAN released timeless experimental rock music over the roughly ten years that they […]

“The synthesizer the way I play it doesn’t need any manual skill. You don’t have to be clever to turn a knob. So what I’m saying is that […]

Here’s another edition of our themed mix series from music supervisor and serial playlist maker Lauren Fay Levy aka Lost And Sound. Color as Sound is a a sonic color story […]

We shot a video with our friend Chris Pine recently in his listening / reading room. Chris’ home setup features a Thorens turntable, Auditorium 23 Hommage 755 speakers, […]

For many vinyl obsessives, not being able to dig for records in person due to pandemic restrictions can be tough… That feeling of finding a gem after hours […]

LALA Magazine recently asked us to create a playlist to accompany the “Turning the Tables” article featured in their Fall edition. In the article, Erin Bunch speaks to […]

For those following along and enjoying our weekly record store drops, here’s a handy way to listen to all of our featured selections in one playlist. We plan […]