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Here’s the second edition of our themed mix series from music supervisor Lauren Fay Levy aka Lost And Sound. Color as Sound is a a sonic color story in rainbow order. How do colors sound? Volume 1 leans more ambient/instrumental while the next edition will be lyric based. Artwork by Mariano Peccinetti.

If you enjoyed the album Horizon Unlimited in our record collection, here is a 2014 YouTube series by Okayafrica, interviewing the iconic Nigerian identical twin pop stars The Lijadu Sisters. In each part of the series, the sisters reflect on experiences they’ve had through their many years in show business and provide a wealth of […]

Tom Cathcart operates Last Resort, a record label born from the NTS radio show of the same name out of London. In it’s 4 year span, the label has produced a thoughtfully limited output of releases that all lead back to one unsuspecting town in the US Midwest that’s more commonly associated with birthing superstar […]

If you enjoyed the late Cameroonian writer and composer Francis Bebey’s album Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984 in our record collection, here’s a rare on-camera interview with him recorded at Real World Studios in 1995, just six years before he passed away. This video should especially delight lovers of Bebey’s biggest song, “The Coffee Cola Song,” many […]

Bryan Ling recounts his trip to Johannesburg record shop Afrosynth Records and revisits a few choice selections from store owner DJ Okapi. We only had a couple free days in Johannesburg when I traveled to South Africa for the first time in 2018. Headed there as part of the Global Citizen Festival, in advance friends […]

A tribute to all the black musicians and artists that have been such a huge part of In Sheep’s Clothing from the very beginning. This playlist includes classic spiritual jazz, meditation songs, and protest music from artists like Alice Coltrane, Brother Ah, Phil Ranelin, Doug Carn, etc. as well as new artists like Makaya McCraven […]

Music discovery has always been a central mission of In Sheep’s Clothing. Whether among staff, patrons or record fair-goers, our physical space was aimed at introducing people to hi-fi — while also building a community for sharing and listening to deep music they otherwise might not hear. As we expand our reach into the digital […]

Beat Club was a German television show that featured performances from some of the biggest names in rock and roll between 1965 and 1972. In the sixties, the show aired black-and-white performances, mostly lip synced, in front of a brick wall. But in the early ‘70s, as some of the featured groups became more musically […]

Here’s a heartwarming video to accompany today’s featured classic album. ‘Ernest Explores’ is a short film produced by RVNG sub-label Freedom to Spend directed by Jodi Darby and starring Jimmy T as Portland-based musician and sound historian Ernest Hood. The film captures a typical day in the life of the artist and includes archival footage […]

Next up in our Home Listening series we have a special playlist from our friend Parker, who runs the excellently curated peasantries + pleasantries record shop. Parker was a key vendor at our record fairs back before the lockdown slinging the best “old is new” ambient, folk, new age, and jazz releases. Here are some […]

Why “Silver Apples” is a deep listening classic Nestled in the back-cover liner notes of Silver Apples’ 1968 self-titled debut album is a simple instructive that will resonate with anyone who understands the concept of deep listening:  INSTRUCTIONS: Play Twice Before Listening. Implicit in the message is the truth that sometimes shock-of-the-new sounds can be […]

The dreamy UK label of friends tucking free music away in the crevices of the internet. Maybe it’s the profession, but as a music supervisor chasing down labels and publishers for song clearances, whenever I browse Spotify for pleasure I inevitably find myself scrolling down to the copyright, curious to know the label and excited […]

The Brooklyn-based experimental jazz & hip-hop group delivers  “A SPECIAL SHAPE SHIFTING MESSAGE OF CONCERN” Another required viewing ICYMI from a few months ago… Gio Escobar’s Standing On the Corner Art Ensemble released their new record G-E-T-O-U-T!! The Ghetto with an accompanying film directed by legendary NYC radio DJ Carlos de Jesus. The film, which […]

This week’s Home Listening playlist comes from our friend Chris Bear – multi-instrumentalist, Grizzly Bear drummer, and composer for HBO’s High Maintenance. We love his new solo project Fools that was released a few months ago on Music from Memory. Look out for it in the ISC collection very soon… Some words from Chris about […]

Sharp high-res scans of the elusive poster included with the first pressing of Kraftwerk’s transcendent third album. While looking into the backstory on Kraftwerk’s third album, Ralf Und Florian, we stumbled upon a music blog called Mostly Retro that posted these incredible scans of the rare megaposter. Included in first pressings of the record, the […]

Here’s a fresh one from London’s bright young jazz scene by tenor saxophonist and composer Nubya Garcia on the iconic Concord Jazz imprint.  Garcia’s debut album follows a string of successful EPs, including 2018’s When We Are, which was named one of NPR’s Best Songs of 2018. SOURCE, jointly produced by Garcia and producer Kwes […]

The Los Angeles based radio station launches an explorative platform dedicated to Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda featuring interviews, mixes, and rare episode of her Eternity’s Pillar TV Show. Last week, Mark “Frosty” McNeill, the founder of online radio station Dublab, together with a team of Alice Coltrane resources and close affiliates, launched Ashram Tapes to coincide […]

ISC HiFi is back with our Home Listening guest selections series! This edition comes from our good friend Justin Gage, founder of the great Aquarium Drunkard. For those unfamiliar, AD is an eclectic audio journal focused on daily reviews, interviews, features, podcasts and sessions. Digging globally, AD bridges contemporary sounds with psych, jazz, avant-garde, folk, […]

For our first Featured Collection, we invite you to dive into Deep Listening, a selection of albums inspired by the quiet daytime hours at ISC. If you’ve visited the In Sheep’s Clothing listening bar, you’ve likely encountered a small folded card on the table with a simple message: “To hear more, say less.” Although never […]

It’s been almost two decades since Sun Ra, the enigmatic artist who reported Saturn as his birthplace, left our planet and yet – the cosmic jazz pioneer’s Afrofuturist vision seems to be clearer and more present now than ever. From pop acts like Solange paying homage in concert, to genre-bending sci-fi influenced artists like Thundercat […]

This week we present you with the first in a series of themed mixes from music supervisor Lauren Fay Levy aka Lost and Sound. “Ambient Water” features songs embodying the essence of WATER in both spirit & field recording. The drip, the babble, the rain, sea, river, lake, and ocean. Ideal for ASMR, meditation, sleep, […]

Interested in setting up a hi-fi audio system in your home but not sure where to start? The team behind In Sheep’s Clothing hi-fi takes you through the basics while sharing some of their favorite pieces of entry-level equipment. Building your first hi-fi audio setup may seem a little intimidating at first, but it needn’t […]

In Sheep’s Clothing was built out of necessity. Once there was a pizzeria that was looking for a home and found one in the Art’s District of Los Angeles (710 East 4th Place). It was a nice home but it was too large for just pizza. “We’ll take half please” “All or nothing” the owner […]

Notice anything in the recordings in our audio player? Maybe Alice Coltrane’s World Galaxy hums differently than on vinyl or streaming platforms?  Perhaps it sounds a little more live, as if you’re actually hearing the music inside of a space. That’s because these recordings were made at In Sheep’s Clothing using a pair of old […]

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