Lives Outgrown is the debut album by Beth Gibbons featuring 10 beautiful new songs recorded over a period of 10 years, the album was produced by James Ford […]

Expected shipping early June Hotspring is the alias of musician Scott Gailey. Apodelia is Gailey’s second solo release on Canadian mainstay electronic label Mood Hut, and is partly […]

Featured on seminal compilations including Warp’s Artificial Intelligence and Beyond’s Ambient Dub Volume 1, The Higher Intelligence Agency is the cult favorite live electronic project by Birmingham-based artist […]

Saint Etienne - Sound of Water

By the year 2000, the influential British electronic dance trio Saint Etienne had released a half-dozen records, each of which used as a starting point the revolution born […]

Expected shipping early June Priori delved into This But More from September 2023 to March 2024, drawing upon archival recordings and fresh ideas. “This album is about healing,” […]

Bruno Berle’s music lives between two worlds – a traditional Brazilian folk talent steeped in history, and a contemporary, dreamy electronic pop; the result is songwriting that’s genre-bending, […]

For the two years 1984-5, Graeme Revell travelled from Australia to Europe, to Africa, Indonesia and North America recording and negotiating copyrights of insect sound recordings. It took […]

Expected shipping week of May 12th “Snapshots of the myriad moods that populate trajectories of one’s most intimate bonds with friends, lovers, the body, the self, and immediate […]

Released late 2023, ALWAYS + FOREVER is the first compilation from do you have peace?, a Bristol-based label founded by Amos Childs (Jabu / Young Echo / O$VMV$M). […]

Neneh Cherry - Blank Project

In the early ‘10s, British singer, songwriter and producer Neneh Cherry returned from more than a decade-long hiatus, one earned after the global success of her now-classic first […]

A private press holy grail of Swedish synthesizer music, Tussilago Fánfara is the lone release from space-rock band Anna Själv Tredje, whose core members Ingemar Ljungström and Mikael […]

This is not a “Best of Optimo” or a “Greatest Hits of Optimo” compilation. For people who come to, or used to come to the nights there are […]

Dreamy Rhodes-filled samples and crunchy boom bap drum beats meet hypnotic swirling lyrical art with elite production from Gang Starr’s Guru & DJ Premier, Da Beatminerz, The Roots, […]

After a hiatus of 10 years, Vibes And Pepper Records makes its comeback unveiling 5 previously unreleased tracks by Japanese producer Takuya Matsumoto. Matsumoto once more presents a […]

Following his murky techno banger on our 5th-anniversary compilation, Finland’s versatile producer-pianist Otto Taimela makes his Cold Blow solo debut with “Sunflower Seeds”, this time merging jungle breaks […]

The opening track on Ryuichi Sakamoto’s Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia, Fieldwork is an ethereal synth-pop jam featuring the haunting vocals of English composer Thomas Dolby. While the instrumentation here […]

A city pop classic, Communication was originally released in 1985 by Junko Yagami, a talented singer-songwriter who has released over 20+ albums across a number of difference genres […]

Nourished By Time follows up his 2023 critically-acclaimed, breakout album Erotic Probiotic 2 with his debut EP on XL Recordings: Catching Chickens, set for physical release on May […]

A private press holy grail of Swedish synthesizer music inspired by Berlin School. Cosmic, haunting, and deeply hypnotic!  Tussilago Fánfara is the lone release from space-rock band Anna […]

One of our favorites of the year so far, Great Doubt is the breakthrough third album from Danish composer Astrid Sonne. Landing somewhere between indie pop and experimental […]

The breakthrough third album from Danish composer Astrid Sonne lands somewhere between indie pop and experimental electronic production featuring Sonne’s viola, honest songwriting, and classically-informed arrangements. Recommended for […]

Branching further out from the local scene in Bristol, ALWAYS + FOREVER collects tracks from likeminded dub-infused, ethereal, dream pop-minded music artists like Equiknoxx’s Time Cow, HTRK’s Jonnine, […]

‘Textures’ is an homage to global sounds and influences, an expression of Hagan’s journey of self-discovery and reflection on his British-Ghanaian heritage, and showcases his keen love for […]

Sophomore release from Toronto dream-duo Joseph Shabason and Ben Gunning, this time a more cosmopolitan affair, mapping fragmented cityscapes from bent electronics and late-night FM jazz transmissions.

Ivanilson Martins aka DJ Lycox is an Afro-Portuguese producer spearheading the contemporary club sound of Lisbon alongside Príncipe Discos contemporaries DJ Marfox, DJ Danifox, and DJ N**** Fox. […]

A pair of soothing 6-plus minute rhythmic explorations, these two extant Gaussian Curve tracks sound totally in-tune with 2024 despite being recorded during the sessions for The Distance. […]

‘Suntub’ is the second full length album from ML Buch, a double record of 15 pieces by the Danish composer and producer, entering further into the realm of […]

Reissue of early Japanese house outing by Junichi Soma, Shuji Wada and Katsuya Sano. Comes with insert with liner notes. Originally released in 1989; Widely considered to be […]

A Catholic, new wave/synth pop masterpiece uncovered by Dark Entries’ Josh Cheon and Honey Soundsystem, School Daze collects the lost gay porn soundtrack work of San Francisco-based musician […]

Sissi Makropoulou also known as Sissi Rada, encapsulates in the title of her new album, “Aporia” a greek word that could be translated as ‘wonder’. And it is […]

Removed of its intended use soundtracking gay porn films being made in pre-HIV 1970s and ‘80s San Francisco, the sounds that Patrick Cowley built vibe like mid-1990s UK […]

Ruutu Poiss with his second album “II” after his 2021’s debut full length “Palav Aed“, a welcome return to Wake Dream. Recorded in a concentrated period of time […]

Delight, Arushi Jain’s follow-up to 2021’s seminal Under the Lilac Sky, out March 29 2024 on Leaving, carries, at its core, the simple proposition that delight is accessible […]

Delight, Arushi Jain’s follow-up to 2021’s seminal Under the Lilac Sky, out March 29 2024 on Leaving, carries, at its core, the simple proposition that delight is accessible […]

A collection of impossible to find self-released 12-inches along with unreleased archival material, Changes presents the soulful, dubby street soul sound of underground Manchester artist Bernadette Mosoph aka […]

The latest by UK rave reanimator Low End Activist is a nine-track suite of skeletal hardcore, pointillist drum n bass, and deprivation chamber dub, chopped and brewed in […]

Spiro World  (or One Must First Become Aware Of The Body) is the Leaving Records debut of Brooklyn-based artist Kaye Loggins aka Time Wharp. Unhinged to any particular […]

Originally recorded in Detroit, 1982; by the late Danan Potts a.k.a. Superlife. At that time Danan was hanging around the Recording Institute of Detroit where Juan Atkins was […]

Attack Decay Sustain Release, or ADSR, was the name of Todd Nickolas and Dominic Paterson’s high school synthesizer group, an outlet for their electronic music experiments recorded on […]

Italian-Greek musician Costantino Luca Rolando Kiriakos has been a pioneering force in the Athens electronic music scene since the mid-80’s, wearing hats as diverse as composer, sound engineer, […]

mess/age is the music of Kyoto-based friends Khan Brown and Ohhki.
 Formed in 2021, their unique sound was developed by chance with a circuit bent karaoke machine. Now […]

Star in the Hood is a collection of abstract drone r&b sound collage pieces from experimental darling Klein, the South London based multi-disciplinary artist, singer-songwriter, producer who was […]

A promising debut from classically-trained French violinist Vanessa Bedoret, who has performed with NYC underground ensemble Standing On The Corner. Eyes is a set of experimental electronic compositions […]

Glaswegian producer Murray Collier (who released that Sunny Balm record in 2019 on Lindsay Todd’s Sacred Summits) takes his dubwise beat tape project Dip Friso into more instrumental […]

2023 was a big year for UK bass music veteran Shackleton. The Skull Disco co-founder released three albums including collaborations with Japanese experimentalist Scotch Rolex and Polish jazz […]

Osaka-based label EM Records continues to do the “lord’s” work uncovering hidden gems and pushing innovative contemporary music from Japan and beyond (see last year’s Air from Air). […]

“Acid bass, slow funk, and cosmic energy make for a mind-expanding trip in the Liquid Canoe. Load up on edibles, make it a macro-dose and let the music […]

Hypnotic dancefloor bombs released on Momoko Goto aka Powder’s Thinner Groove imprint. “Presence” is an infectious dubby house jam from Samo DJ and Martinou. Tip! & . . […]

Hazy dubwise blues from Scottish musician Murray Collier, who released that great Sunny Balm record in 2019 on Lindsay Todd’s Sacred Summits. Recommended for fans of 12th Isle, […]

Intricate dubwise club tracks from rising Sydney producer Cousin and NAFF boss Priori! Will surely sound great on a club system with giant subs, but also totally nice […]

DIY sample punk production meets soul and Detroit deep house/techno with a bit of a Dean Blunt vocal delivery. Fully dipped in analog tape warmth… Recommended for left-field […]

Abstract drone r&b sound collage from experimental darling Klein, the South London based multi-disciplinary artist who was signed to Hyperdub in 2017 and handpicked by Bjork to tour […]

“Arguably the most criminally under-recognized band of their era,” A.R. Kane aka duo Alex Ayuli and Rudi Tambala were influential in the development of a number of musical […]

Manchester-based techno legend Andy Stott’s first single in 11 years features two special cut “versions” of modern dancehall and left-field bass music. Limited edition of 500 copies. Don’t […]

Spring is nearly here and who better to soundtrack the season of rebirth than prolific Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist and nature freak Will Yates aka memotone? 2023 was a breakout […]

Deep, tropical underwater funk from shapeshifting Miami producer Pablo Arrangoiz. Sounds like an acid-infused modern take on Move D’s Kunststoff. This one was totally sold out for a […]

Coastal downtempo beauty from Alexander Folonari aka Gateway Shuffle via Miami’s Open Space. Little bit of everything you could want here: bleepy acid, deep DX7 chords, field recordings, […]

“Wiggly” computer computer that strikes a delicate balance between intelligent complexity and youth-like charm. Sounds like nothing else… Recommended for fans of Foodman, Susumu Yokota, Rei Harakami! What […]

Quirky, improvisational electronic workouts from two minimal house masters! Off-kilter and weird in the best way, but also deeply funky… Tip! “Mix Mup & Kassem Mosse mark a […]

DJ Mag’s Ben Cardew writes that “Air’s debut album ‘Moon Safari’ was a gentle antidote to the wave of French Touch at the time. With an emphasis on […]

A supergroup or rather superduo of sorts, German electronic composer Burnt Friedman meets the great Can drummer Jaki Liebezeit for the first edition of their cult favorite Secret […]

Released in 1991, Massive Attack’s debut album Blue Lines is widely regarded as one of the most influential dance albums of the ’90s and the precursor to trip-hop, […]

This striking, dreamy ’90s trip hop-inspired debut by Berlin based duo a.s.o. (Tornado Wallace and Alia Seror-O’Neill) has been somewhat of a modern staple here at the new […]

Gorgeous synthesizer improvisations from local hero Jeremiah Chiu. Recorded and edited to completion in under a week, these sonic explorations reflect a lifetime of work in sound synthesis […]

Mexican musician and composer Eblen Macari has been actively developing his unique musical style for more than 40 years, from the 1970s to the present. He is most […]

A modern take on Y2K era R&B (Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Timbaland) from Danish singer-songwriter and Help Recordings affiliate Erika de Casier. Icy digital production meets crisp, contemporary club […]

Limited 7″ featuring two early tracks from the Baltimore-based XL Recordings artist Nourished by Time. Don’t miss!  The Erotic Probiotic is an intimate glimpse into the world of […]

One of the most severely underrated bands of the ’90s, Bark Psychosis was formed in East London by friends Graham Sutton and John Ling when they were just […]

One of our favorite releases on the great Belgian archival label Stroom (run by Ziggy Devriendt aka Nosedrip), Spring Break is a collection of studio compositions by Pablo’s […]

The Orb - Pomme Fritz

The first Orb album to feature Berlin producer Thomas Fehlmann, Pomme Fritz is a bass-heavy techno dub exploration that pushed sample culture into deep new directions. Drawing from […]

South Carolina singer and producer Niecy Blues’ debut album Exit Simulation arrived last November via Kranky and has been steadily finding new audiences through the winter (the album […]

Futuristic sounds from electronic experimentalists Georgia and Japanese vocalist Dove… The beats here are unconventional and difficult to pinpoint stylistically, but still groove heavily with a healthy amount […]

Organic experimental electronic pop from the breathy-voiced Japanese singer NTsKi, who collaborated with 7FO on that beautiful Brenda Ray / Naffi Sandwich cover in 2019. Slow tempos, peculiar […]

Another favorite from 2023, Recreational Kraut is a collection of ECM-adjacent ambient and jazz-infused electronic compositions performed by Jordan Czamanski (Jordan GCZ) & David Moufang (Move D). While […]

“If Surround can be listened to as music that’s as close to air itself, allowing us to enter each listener’s sound scenery, or as something that exists within […]

After an incredible trilogy of EPs, Holy Tongue, a group consisting of producer Al Wooten aka Deadboy, drummer/percussionist Valetina Magaletti, and bassist Zongamin, returns with their first full-length […]

The artist formerly known as Project Pablo returns to dance music with a collection of sun-drenched and blissful house, techno, garage and downtempo.  16 track mixtape of all […]

Brazilian guitarist Fabiano Do Nascimiento explores Hermeto Pascoal’s concept of Universal Music, “a rejection of nationalistic tendencies in order to express all of one’s musical influences all at […]

Fazer drummer Simon Popp links up with Munich-based producer Polygonia for a set of experimental electronic / futuristic third stream jazz compositions steeped in improvisation and fluid abstraction. […]

Japanese vocalist/producer Dove meets experimental electronic duo Georgia (Justin Tripp + Brian Closed) on this last album of 2023 released just before Christmas on the great EM Records. […]

London based composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Akusmi announces ‘Lines’, an exhilarating new collection of works born from the desire to take where the acclaimed debut album ‘Fleeting Future’ […]

Negative Fascination is the debut solo album from LA-based Sandwell District member Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant. Executive produced by Karl O’Connor aka Regis, the album is a […]

Baroque classical guitar and bowed strings are the centerpieces of Tara Clerkin Trio’s latest while downtempo breakbeats and ’90s rave electronics are bent into avant-pop stylings in the […]

20-minute set of wholly unique blissful, woozy jazz meets experimental sophisti-pop taking cues from the storied Bristol electronic scene. Tara Clerkin Trio does not miss… Second outing from […]

Luv Master X was a production duo featuring Japanese streetwear icon Hiroshi Fujiwara and Dub Master X “DMX” aka Izumi Miyazaki, who was a member of legendary Japanese […]

ssabæ is a “nebula of friends gathering in studios, meadows and tiny apartments all over France.” Le Roi Est L’Oiseau (The King and Mister Bird) follows up the […]

Vini Reilly is joined here by vocalist Eley Rudge on a few tracks with the album mostly featuring synthesizers, drum machines, and samples alongside Reilly’s signature understated, but […]

Originally released in 1982; Strom’s debut album is a bold and beautiful evocation of a life that exists between and beyond time. Evoking ancient rituals and primordial futures, […]

Another favorite of 2023 – local hero Dyami O’Brien, aka Jamma-Dee, comes through big with his debut album for Nothing But Net, Perceptions. A masterclass of modern funk and […]

After a year of touring extensively, Seoul-based leftfield electronics duo Salamanda return to present their most refined offering yet inspired by the processes and instruments acquired during their […]

Returning to the sphere of the esoteric and unknown, Mort Garson’s second album of occult stylings expands upon the first outing by updating the sonic palette and forgoing […]

Released on Boomkat’s Documenting Sound series, Melbourne-based producer DJ Plead’s Relentless Trills is a “genre-defining album of slow and humid dance music” inspired by vintage dancehall riddims, middle-eastern […]

Originally released on CD in 2001; Colors Of Silence is ostensibly a new age album. As ever though, Wally’s sophisticated synth textures and expressive keyboard runs are so […]

Seoul duo Salamanda arrive on Wisdom Teeth with their latest and most focused LP yet: ‘In Parallel’ – a vividly textural and immersive record that brings a new […]

Bay Area DIY pop duo Loveshadow join up with Dark Entries to release II, their sophomore LP. Anya Prisk and Izaak Schlossman met in Oakland in 2016, bonded […]

Bristol’s Tara Clerkin Trio continues a streak of unmissable releases with On The Turning Ground, their most mature outing yet, on World of Echo. Baroque classical guitar and […]

House of Dad was a short-lived alias of prolific Australian producer Andrew Wilson aka Andras Fox. Released in 2016 via Wilson’s own H.O.D. imprint, the project uses breakbeats, […]

Featured in Sanshiro’s Post-House Music Disc Guide  “a guidebook of dance music from around the world… based on the concept of being able to mix”, Johnny Lamas’ Danza […]

It’s hard to believe Radio Red is Laura Groves’ debut full length under her given name. After releasing a slew of singles over the last decade with Bullion’s DEEK […]

Warp10+3 Remixes

Issued to celebrate a decade as a company, in 1999 Warp issued a 4 LP, 2 CD set called Warp10+3 Remixes. The approach? Invite then-current members of the […]

Originally released on CD-only in 1996 on the cult Brussels-based label Les Disques Du Crépuscule, Fidelity continues on the downtempo chill-out themes of the group’s final outing on […]

Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson, sound engineers at the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop, joined bassist David Vorhaus to form the psych-pop outfit White Noise. In 1969, the group […]

A French oddity from multi-instrumentalist / underground icon Luc Marianni, Six Synthetic Suites combines a modern classical composition approach with experimental and avant-garde electronic production. Each of the […]

Doris Norton

Forty years ago, the Italian experimental artist Doris Norton helped cross a divide that changed music production: She linked an early Apple II computer to synthesized instruments, channeled […]

Cult Japanese avant-garde group Mariah is best-known for their 1983 masterpiece Utakata No Hibi. Led by saxophonist Yasuaki Shimizu (who released that incredible Kakashi album), the group includes other […]

“Le Groupe de Recherches Musicales (The Group of Musical Research) of the O.R.T.F. (Office of the French Radio-Television) is known in the world principally as the promoter of […]

808 State

Recorded in Manchester in early 1988, 808 State’s Newbuild is the Big Bang of British acid house, a mesmerizingly squiggly and revelrous advertisement for the power of the […]

Atlas, the latest album from renowned electronic artist Laurel Halo, is a suite of sensual ambient jazz collages, designed to take the listener on a roadtrip through the […]

Atmospheres is a collection of experimental electronic compositions from Italian film and library music composer Piero Umiliani. Created during a time of “musical confusion” for Piero Umiliani, who […]

Another Thought was the first collection of Arthur Russell’s music to be released after his death in 1992. Originally released in 1993 on Point Music, it marked the […]

Essential listening for any Ryuichi Sakamoto fan, Coda is the late Yellow Magic Orchestra member’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence soundtrack performed on solo piano. Somehow better than the […]

One of the great early electronic albums, Roboterwerke is a concept album and the debut release by electronic music pioneers Supersempfft – three school friends Franz Aumüller, Franz […]

To explore and absorb Planet Q, the new record by artists Kyoko Takenaka + Tomoki Sanders, is to become untethered from structural expectations, to reside in a realm […]

Originally released in 1993; The visionary approach of multi-instrumentalist Johnny Lamas led him to experiment with a world of hybrid jazz-funk, ambient and electronic sounds while keeping the […]

Purelink has quickly established themselves as prominent figures in the ever-expanding world of ambient and sound design. Signs, the group’s fifth release, finds them stripping back a bit more, […]

Futuristic electronic pop of the highest order, Natural Wonder Beauty Concept, a new project from Ana Roxanne and DJ Python (Brian Piñeyro), draws from a shared love of melancholic […]

Dub master Bill Laswell meets the pan-Andalusian-Arab guitar musician/singer Lili Boniche. The story goes that Boniche was nearly retired after a successful career performing throughout France in the […]

In Akron, Ohio, four friends get together every Tuesday with gas station snacks and various instruments to see where the night takes them. They call themselves Lemon Quartet […]

Mesmerizing debut solo full-length from Manchester based multi-instrumentalist John Haycock. Having trained with Gambian griot and kora master Jali Kuyateh, Haycock takes the 21 string African harp and […]

Certainly one of the most influential records of the last 50 years, Ambient 1 (Music For Airports) is the first of three Brian Eno albums released under the […]

Stripped back song structures characterized by an airy digital production style, ethereal melodic elements, repetition, and spaciousness. for fans of The Durutti Column, Finis Africae, Berlin-School “Compilation of […]

Compiled by NuNorthern Soul’s Phat Phil Cooper, Selected Works 1979 to 1983 brings together five sublime tracks from the long and highly varied catalog of legendary Japanese guitarist Ryo […]

N.D.E. remains one of our favorites from the post synth-pop Hosono era and was made in collaboration with G. Hotoda (musician and YMO tech guru in the early […]

Somewhat an anomaly in the vast ECM catalog, composer, saxophonist and synthesizer player Ulrich Lask presents a fusion of new wave and electronic jazz on Sucht + Ordnung […]

A truly unique private press record from Martinique, Claude Rodap’s Syn-Ka sounds like “Jean Michel Jarre getting fruity on sabbatical in the Caribbean.” Filled with various cosmic synthesizers […]

Kyoko Takenaka + Tomoki Sanders have created an auditory environment that brings forth all the emotions of what it means to be uniquely yourself. Kyoko Takenaka: “Thats what […]

Part of the Asian Underground movement, Talvin Singh is best known for his innovative fusion of Indian classical music with drum’n’bass, jungle, and breakbeat. Singh first appeared on […]

N.D.E is a heady trip into heavy atmospherics and psychedelic rhythms leaning heavily on tabla and arabic instruments along with Bill Laswell’s singular ambient dub. Recommended! Originally released […]

A UK chillout room classic from The Irresistible Force aka Morris Gould aka Mixmaster Morris, Global Chillage is a deeply transportive ambient trip for the mind. While this […]

Neapolitan Power legend Tony Esposito started his career as a session musician playing percussion on classic albums by Italian icons like Alan Sorrenti, Francesco de Gregori, Lucio Dalla, […]

By 2001,  Miami bass culture had reached the tail end of its pop culture moment, as acts like the L’Trimm, Quad City DJs, DJ Magic Mike and 2 […]

Originally released on CD-only in 1992, Melting Moment is the masterpiece second album from Noriko Sekiguchi aka POiSON GiRL FRiEND. Sharing more than one similarity with Dream Dolphin’s […]

The debut solo album by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Thousand Knives was released just shortly after the composer earned his M.A. in music from Tokyo University and before he formed […]

Folie 2 is an exciting new project from Düsseldorf-based musicians Marlene Kollender, Gregor Darman and Sebastian Welicki. Their debut self-titled album is a delightfully strange cosmos of sounds […]

Tri Atma was a German-Indian new age/fusion group dedicated to combining Eastern musical elements with Western electronic pop. Founded by guitar player Jens Fischer and percussionist Asim Saha, […]

Bristol-based halfstep specialist Om Unit meets the “DUBWISE DEDICATION STATION” Seekersinternational on this unexpected match made in dub heaven for London’s Berceuse Heroique. “A black hole full of […]

On his debut solo album Diamond Head, Phil Manzanera teams up with an all-star crew of Cambridge/British art rock heroes including his Roxy Music mates Brian Eno, Andy […]

Bristol multi-instrumentalist, producer and nature freak Will Yates aka memotone arrives on the always excellent NYC-based label Impatience with a collection of singular balearic ambient, left-field grooves, and […]

Far-out and insanely fresh experimental R&B infusing elements of jazz, soul, hip hop, and modern club music featuring production from John Carroll Kirby, Mndsgn, and Solomonophonic, but mostly […]

Isolee - Rest

A singular electronic record from the turn of the century, Isolée’s debut full-length album straddles genres, mixes tempos, generates wildly infectious tones and sound waves, all the while […]

HTRK’s Jonnine Standish meets Laurent Richard aka DJ Sundae’s Idle Press imprint for a match made somewhere between hell and heaven. Maritz, named after Standish’s mother, is a collection […]

Boredoms/DJ Krush - Rebore Vol. 3

The third volume of a Boredoms remix project called Rebore, DJ Krush’s epic 45-minute megamix of sounds, tracks, samples and tidbits from throughout the Japanese experimental legends’ oeuvre, […]

Released on Gilb’R’s long running and very excellent Versatile Records, Tropiq is a late ’90s classic. Nicolas Chaix aka I:Cube doesn’t often miss and these four tracks are […]

Rhythm & Sound collaborator Paul St. Hillaire aka Tikiman delivers his first solo album in over a decade with the future classic Tikiman Vol​.​1. One of dance music’s […]

Originally released on CD-only in 1994 and recently reissued by Osaka’s EM Records, Purple Garden is a hidden gem featuring futuristic ambient-Mandarin pop from Shanghai-born vocalist Xiao Yun […]

Tase is a hardware electronic project by Berlin-based artists Takashi Wada and Sven Rieger, 1/2 of Acido Records’ Dresvn and founder of SUED Records. Recorded on a 16-track […]

One of the defining documents of the early ’90s Vancouver underground scene, What’s Your Shrine? by Pilgrims of the Mind aka Stephane Novak is a delicate and meticulously […]

Psychedelic downtempo tribal folk from the iconic label/party collective “Voodoohop” based in São Paulo, Brazil. Combining traditional instruments with modern production influenced by dance music scenes from the […]

Sweetback was an English band comprised of members of the band Sade, but not including front woman Sade Adu. The group’s members Stuart Matthewman, Paul Denman and Andrew […]

The latest from Munich’s Squama Records is a debut from multi-instrumentalist Julian Klaas. Centered around an old Wurlitzer piano gifted from his sister, Klaas’ Impromptu is a quiet offering […]

Gino Soccio released his third album in 1981 titled Closer, consisting of 6 major tunes that hit every emotion. The opening song “Try It Out,” is a disco […]

Liliental was a krautrock supergroup that included Dieter Moebius from Cluster, top engineer Conny Plank, Kraan musicians: Johannes Pappert and Helmut Hattler, and a couple of free radicals: […]

A hyper limited release on Crue-L, the legendary Japanese dance music label run by Kenji Takimi, Landscape of Smaller’s Music is the debut album by Tomoki Kanda, an […]

‘The Arbitrary Dimension of Dreams’ is Cate Kennan’s oblique exploration of memory, nighttime, and narrative. The resulting 12 compositions are brisk, evocative, and lingering. Kennan’s sonic palette is […]

The Keyboardist for the legendary band Can first solo release. A Collection of abstract and surreal recordings made for film and television.

We’ve been big fans of Canadian electronic artist Dylan Khotin-Foote since his debut album, Hello World, landed on 1080p in 2014. His lush, self-released 2018 album Beautiful You was a big […]

Holy Tongue is a collaboration between Italo-British drummer-composer and multi-instrumentalist Valentina Magaletti and South London producer Allen Wootton FKA Deadboy. The duo’s first single on Amidah Records pays […]

A unique blend of juke, ambient, and broken beat that feels spiritually similar to what was taking place in the 2010s L.A. beat scene “Moscow-based artist Vtgnike’s music […]

Deeply Lush and glitchy downtempo that flows at a stream like pace. Melodically Emotive with a playful sense of sound design With eight songs clocking in at nearly […]

CS+Kreme (aka Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel) are back with another round of ritual seance music on Will Bankhead’s Trilogy Tapes. We were lucky enough to hear some […]

Sc-fi Midi synth sketches straight from Texas. “Urban” and “Slave Waltz” stand out in part due to their odd melodies and other worldly sense of space. Originally released […]

Delayed guitar magic from the great Manuel Göttsching! Ashra’s Blackouts is an essential Berlin-school electronic album with Göttsching’s layered guitars and synthesizers building wonderfully hypnotic soundscapes that feel […]

Cologne-based artist Peter Graf York’s Expedition Bahn feels like a modern stew of K. Leimer’s minimalist Palace of Lights output, Mad Professor’s dubby studio wizardry, and Dieter Moebius’ […]

Japanese multi-instrumentalist composer Toshifumi Hinata studied piano at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston before returning to Japan in the early ’80s to explore electronic instruments. […]

Dedicated to “freak friends across the world playing for peace in an era of fear and ignorance,” Disco Mantras Vol. 1 was the first LP to appear from […]

Recently reissued by Numero Group, Cheryl Glasgow’s “Glued to the Spot” is a perfect sunshine clubber that fuses together  Sade-adjacent lovers rock vocals with street soul, boogie, synth […]

Produced by On-U Sound’s Adrian Sherwood, Ministry’s sophomore album Twitch moves away from the synth-pop sound of the group’s debut and into the heavy, industrial sound they would […]

One of the quintessential balearic comps, Psychemagik’s Magik Sunset Part 1 has all the hard-to-find psychedelic soul, funk and disco classics that one might need to get a […]

Originally released to just 100 cassette copies in ’93, Champagne In Mozambique explores euphoric or “mindful” electronics with inspiration drawn from dub acts like African Headcharge, Dub Syndicate, […]

The debut release on Glasgow’s 12th Isle caught our attention immediately when it landed back in 2016, and we’ve been following the label closely ever since. Landing somewhere […]

An obscure gem originally released in 1980 on tape only, Futuro Antico contains the hypnotic debut sessions of Walter Maioli (Aktuala) and Ricardo Sinigaglia’s “Italian cross-culture ethnic meets […]

Gorgeous ambient chill-out music from three veteran producers, including progressive house legend Charlie May (most famously a member of Spooky). Deeply immersive, these long-form compositions weave together sonic […]

“This music makes me want to sink into a watery abyss. The deep tones of bass with lighter tones that are hyper yet calming music just makes me […]

Sublime ambient sound collage featuring field recordings, samples, DIY sound box, untuned piano, and various electronic devices.  Landmark sees Max Würden combine and integrate various external forces into […]

An eclectic group of Trance-y Downtempo tunes perfect for long drives or filling out a set in the chill out room. Moving through various energies and BPMs, The […]

Quite the vulnerable Debut from Lihla. The delicate instrumentation paired with the textural sound design, and ASMR like vocals make for a very intimate listen. “Music gives us […]

A rather large and uplifting collection of ambient electronica. If you’re a fan of Kompakt’s Pop Ambient series, we’d strongly point you in the direction of “Full Circle” […]

Warm and inviting downtempo ambient with a slight krautrock touch. If you’re trying to get right with yourself, this one might help. With much of the album recorded […]

English singer, songwriter and actress Marianne Faithfull’s A Childs Adventure is an underrated bargain bin find from Island Records’ legendary Compass Point studio featuring production by the great […]

Listening to this record feels like being taken on a spontaneous road trip with no particular destination. Verdant rolling hills, desolate deserts, the slow winding up soaring snow […]

Changing Channels is the new album from Pangaea, AKA Kevin McAuley, his first since 2016’s acclaimed debut LP In Drum Play and a jolting reminder that functional doesn’t […]

By 1992, the British rave explosion had generated so much creative energy that seemingly overnight a whole world of new sounds had shot through the cosmos. Coupled with […]

Toronto’s Invisible City Editions celebrated their 10th anniversary last year with a string of excellent DJ-friendly reissues including a private press modern soul rarity from Detroit, CD-only Guadeloupean […]

Originally released in 2006; even though 5:55 isn’t technically Charlotte Gainsbourg’s first solo album (that would be Charlo[e for Ever, which was release in 1986, when she was […]

Faitiche is delighted to present a long-lost vinyl album: for the last 14 years, Jan Jelinek’s Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records, originally released in 2001 on ~scape, existed only as a download. […]

French pianist, guitarist, composer Henri Roger’s first album Images… is a beautiful collection of left-field electronics comparable to Heldon, Conrad Schnitzler, early Tangerine Dream, Mort Garson, Roedelius, and […]

Classify under bargain bin progressive rock albums that are actually good – Go features the bizarre international “supergroup” of experimental Japanese percussionist Stomu Yamashta, UK blues rock singer […]

The lone album by Jun Togawa Unit, a side project from the Japanese singer alongside sound producer Yoichiro Yoshikawa and recording engineer Yoshifumi Iio, 極東慰安唱歌 (Far East Comfort […]

Free jazz improvisation and organic music meets electro-acoustic composition techniques and synthesizers on Don Cherry and Jon Appleton’s first collaboration, the aptly titled Human Music. Released on Bob […]

Pan•American - Pan•American

For much of the 1980s and 1990s, volume was the go-to signifier for musical rebellion. Louder and faster had been accepted as the only sonic way to express […]

One of the important and influential figures in American electronic music and a contemporary of Art of Noise, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Arthur Baker, Kraftwerk, and Afrika Bambaataa, Brooklyn-born […]

One of the great electronic bands, The Art of Noise was formed by engineer/producer Gary Langan and programmer J. J. Jeczalik, along with keyboardist/arranger Anne Dudley, producer Trevor […]

In certain electronic music circles, 2022 felt like the year of downtempo and trip-hop. The slow, chilled-out breaks and ambient textures seemed to perfectly capture that post-pandemic mood […]

The debut album by Lifted, an ever-shifting music ensemble anchored by Andrew Field-Pickering (Max D) and Matt Papich, is not an easily definable sound. With a wide net […]

Originally released in 2013; Colonial Patterns, the debut full-length album from electronic music stalwart Huerco S., captures a wide-eyed artist learning the tools of their trade before mercurial […]

Essential “craudrock,” oddball post-punk, and wagon dance music from the mysterious Ireland-based crew Wah Wah Wino… Absolutely Wino put the label on the map back in 2017 and […]

Techno, Disco, Italo, Electronics, House, Library, Cosmic and Ambient frequencies… Mappa Mundi’s sole release Musaics was released on Belgium’s legendary USA Import label in 1990, riding on the […]

Autechre’s sixth album is the Trout Mask Replica of early ’00s electronic music, a polarizing, often confounding listen that, like Captain Beefheart’s 1969 avant-rock classic, abides by some […]

A selection from Growing Bin’s Basso, Haindling 1 is the debut album by the Bavarian jazz-pop band led by Hans-Jürgen Buchner. The group is essentially a solo project […]

Cate Kennan’s first solo record comes by way of the Los Angeles-based label Post Present Medium. Dreamy, contemplative, and full of mystery, the album’s 12 vignettes build a […]

We’ve been longtime fans of Japanese underground heroes Powder and 5ive (one half of Cos/Mes), so when news arrived of a full LP of “band” material in 2020, […]

The followup to Dutch keyboardist Ronald Langestraat’s recently unearthed 1984 self-recorded living room gem Searching… Light Years Away is a collection of new recordings from the now 81 […]

Not Drowning, Waving (styled as not drowning, waving) was an indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia led by classically trained musicians David Bridie and John Phillips. The group’s […]

Music from Memory has shifted gears slightly in recent times focusing as much on new music as they are on archival reissue and compilation projects. Montreal-based electronic artist […]

Time is Away is the London-based DJ/musical storyteller/artist duo Jack Rollo and Elaine Tierney. Their first officially licensed compilation, Ballads is a divinely curated collection of deeply heartfelt songs and devotional […]

Inspired by Weather Report, Brian Eno, Steve Reich, Tangerine Dream, Frippertronics, Indian classical music, and seminal German label ECM, Picture Music was a small collective of like-minded musicians […]

Moving further away from his early city pop classics (Prophetic Dream and Seaside Lovers’ Memories In Beach House), legendary Japanese keyboardist/composer Akira Inoue dives into avant-new-wave-pop and experimental […]

Signature soulful Space Ghost stylings with a more introspective approach to downtempo, house and ambient compostions. Deep, contemplative, and uplifting audio that compels its listeners to focus on […]

“Dream Theory In Malaya is titled after a paper by visionary anthropologist Kilton Stewart, who in 1935 visited a remarkable highland tribe of Malayan aborigines, the Senoi, whose […]

Promise Nothing is a compilation album produced by Why-Fi following Virginia’s departure from the label. It contains classics from her Why-Fi catalog along with two tracks from her […]

Emerging from the Argentinian experimental scene, composer Ailin Grad, a.k.a. Aylu, debuts on the always quality Mana imprint with Profondo Rosa, a gorgeous collection of free form electronic compositions […]

Released in Japan on Alfa music sub-label Yen Records and the US on William Ackerman’s Windham Hill, Interior was the short-lived passion project for Haruomi Hosono and the […]

It’ll End In Tears is the classic debut album by 4AD family band This Mortal Coil featuring members of Cocteau Twins, Magazine, and Dead Can Dance. 4AD described […]

Ambient pioneer Steve Roach teams up with Santana percussion virtuoso Michael Shrieve and ECM Records’ David Torn on this classic ’80s ambient / new age album. Quite a […]

The lost Ernest Hood album recorded between 1972 and 1982 in Western Oregon (the same era as his proto-ambient cult classic Neighborhoods), Back To The Woodlands is more zither, […]

South London community-come-club night, record label, NTS Radio staple, concert series and creative studio Touching Bass presents Soon Come, a landmark compilation celebrating the talents of their now […]

Previously unreleased post-Brenda And The Beach Balls pre-Walatta hip-hop inspired boogie, street soul, and pop house from Brenda Ray? YES, please! Only the second album from the enigmatic melodyist-rhythmist, Perfume […]

“1988, Northeast of Italia, Treviso, Luigi Morosin founded Cabaret Du Ciel: a musical project exploring electric guitar soundscapes. Some cassettes were secretly put out on self label << […]

Soft Machine and Matching Mole drummer turned multi-instrumentalist / songwriter Robert Wyatt presents a collection of political protest songs and cover versions of Chic, Billie Holiday, and Ivor […]

Lyle Mays’ self-titled debut album followed a string of excellent collaborations with ECM mainstays Pat Metheny, Eberhard Weber, Steve Swallow, and John Abercrombie, as well as Windham Hill’s […]

Can bassist Holger Czukay aims for the charts with this simple, but addictive single from his 1984 avant-pop album Der Osten Ist Rot (The East is Red). Much […]

Queen of the avant-garde Laurie Anderson teams up with iconic bass maestro / producer Bill Laswell on her classic second studio album Mister Heartbreak. As usual with Anderson’s […]

Featured in the “Psychedelic” section of Chee Shimizu’s Obscure Sound disc guide and reissued on Florence-based balearic label Archeo Recordings, Aqua Sansa is tripped-out electronic free jazz meets […]

The latest release on DJ Python’s Worldwide Unlimited imprint expands on the label’s next-level aesthetic with a hyperjump out of the club and into the heart. Named after […]

Another masterpiece from David Axelrod, Seriously Deep is one of the rarer records from the multi-talented musician, producer, composer, arranger’s heavily sampled catalog. As usual with Axelrod albums, […]

Italian hypnotic techno master Donato Dozzy Plays Bee Mask transforming the experimental electronic artist’s 13-minute epic “Vaporwave” into a suite of seven time-stopping ambient tracks. White noise, bell […]

Japanese guitar master Masayoshi Takanaka presents a collection of more vocally-driven tropical fusion songs on his thirteenth album for Kitty Records. Takanaka’s slick ’80s guitar is obviously all […]

One of the most influential techno records ever made, Neptune’s Lair, the debut album by the mysterious Detroit electro-techno outfit Drexciya followed a series of groundbreaking releases on […]

Originally released in 1996; Science-fiction themed, Detroit techno leaning experiments from the house music pioneer.

Long considered a grail of city pop but only recently reissued on vinyl, Seaside Lovers’ Memories in Beach House brings together three Japanese music icons of the ’80s […]

Dots and Loops is Stereloab’s fifth studio album co-produced in Chicago by Tortoise’s John McEntire and in Düsseldorf with Andi Toma, one half of electronic duo Mouse on […]

Compiled by Stroom Records’ Ziggy Devriendt, Tropisch Verlangen, which translates to “Tropical Desire,” is a collection of handcrafted analogue electronic compositions by Belgian musician Cybe aka Siebe Baarda. […]

“Pre-dotcom electro-funk from the long-running S.F. collective New World Music” reissued by the great Numero Group. The three tracks featured here were compiled from the group’s highly sought […]

After a seven-year hiatus, Jack J, the Mood Hut records mainstay and Pender Street Stepper, has released his debut album after a series of hit singles. It’s worth […]

An Estonian indie classic originally released on cassette only, Cafe De Flor by Bizarre is a gorgeous collection of dreampop and trip-hop featuring intimate, often whispered or spoken […]

Released in 2020 and pressed on vinyl in 2021, Bless the Mad aka Ibrahem Hasan and Matthew Rivera’s self-titled debut is a tribute to Chicago and its rich […]

Upon first listening to Seoul-based electronic production duo Salamanda’s Ashbalkum, I was briefly taken over with memories of my childhood neighborhood. The days of exploring trails, jumping fences, […]

Meditative, ambient minimalism from influential new age composer Steve Roach… “Floating like the breath of a sleeping child, Steve Roach’s third recording of quiet music evokes the high, […]

Just in time for summer, we have a beautiful new full-length from the holy father of deep house via his own Alleviated imprint. Larry Heard’s fifth release under […]

Veteran Japanese keyboardist and organ master Emerson Kitamura delivers four diverse tracks for EM Records in support of Katsuya Tomita’s 2016 film Bangkok Nites. While the entire EP […]

Mostly piano, vocals, efx and unconscious arrangements make up Laila Sakini’s “Vivienne” on Total Stasis. It asks, what if things were different? Tender symbols – flowers, butterflies, potion […]

Originally released in 2013 on limited CD only, Santuario De Mariposas continues Mexican artist Luis Perez Ixoneztli’s study of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica instrumentation. Unlike his debut album Ipan In […]

Sweet Company is the second LP from Jabu, the trio of producer Amos Childs and vocalists Jasmine Butt and Alex Rendall. The group is closely tied to Bristol-based […]

A cult classic album from the ’80s Italian avant-garde music scene, Scorie by Tiziano Popoli and Marco Dalpane is a surprisingly accessible work weaving new age pop sensibilities […]

In 1984, Water Melon aka Toshio Nakanishi and Yann Tomita released a modern exotica classic on Alfa Records titled Cool Music that sounded a bit like an experimental […]

A timeless record that continues to find new audiences today, Keyboard Fantasies by transgender musician Beverly Glenn-Copeland combines meditative new age and folk songwriting with a Detroit style […]

Featured in the “Cosmic” section of Chee Shimizu’s Obscure Sound disc guide, Pinnacles is the cult classic sixth solo album from Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese. Inspired by the […]

American avant-garde artist, filmmaker, composer Tony Conrad’s first and only musical release for many years, Outside the Dream Syndicate is one of the great recordings of American minimalism […]

Dub, free jazz, field recordings and minimal music collide via water drum and techno beats on Pretty Sneaky’s debut album on Mana. Taking the “faceless techno bollocks” approach, […]

Tribal-infused wavey ambient house recorded using only a microphone, computer, Korg MS20, hang drum and a field recorder. “ISOR29 channels Tomas’ musical vocabulary via electronics to reflect an […]

Experimental works of avant-pop and downtempo from Swiss art school students Elephant Château. On the A side “Dreamings,” warm analog synthesizers meet saxophones, and a vocal chorus while […]

Anthony Naples has been an important figure in the NYC dance community for the past decade, first with the label Proibito (2013-2017) and later by co-founding Incensio. Through […]

An obscure and quite underrated ’80s electronic folk album, Karácsonyi Magyar Népdalok (Hungarian Christmas Folk Songs) might not be the most appealing title tag, but trust us, this […]

Smoke Point is L.A.-based artist-musicians Brian Foote (Peak Oil, Leech, Kranky) and Sage Caswell (Spring Theory), and their eponymous first album vibes like the soundtrack to such ’90s […]

We don’t often feature 12″ records here but this one is too good not to… Public Image Limited’s bass maestro Jah Wobble puts together a one-off trio featuring […]

Quirky minimal electronic music from Southampton-based musician Steve Hartwell composed in 1983 using sequencers and the MSX computer, one of the first generation of home computers used for […]

Guitarists Kevin McCormick and David Horridge collaborated on this wordless, dream-like album back in 1982, using only guitars and the occasional fretless bass to express themselves. The obvious […]

Ethereal electronic minimalism from the great Italian architect / music installation & soundtrack master Piero Milesi. The Nuclear Observatory Of Mr. Nanof is a collection of soundtrack compositions […]

Amsterdam’s Music From Memory continues their streak of breaking exciting new artists with this debut LP by Bay Area-based duo Loveshadow. With Anya Prisk on vocals + songwriting […]

Can’s first album following the departure of vocalist Damo Suzuki is an experimental trip featuring looping hypnotic grooves that, at times, sound like proto-electronic-dance music. Guitarist Michael Karoli […]

Philadelphia-based electronic artist Ulla Strauss follows up 2019’s excellent Quiet Time Tapes release with 8 tracks of fuzzy, smudged out ambient tracks. Deep and melancholic textures seemingly suspend […]

An absolute gem of a record revived by Portland’s Musique Plastique, Daedalus is the score to a deeply moving avant-garde production of the Greek myth that toured the […]

The Eno brothers and pedal steel master Daniel Lanois soundtrack the Apollo space landing on this Editions EG ambient classic. Originally recorded for Al Reinert’s 1983 landmark documentary […]

LS: How would you describe your music? LS: I wouldn’t. People often ask me to do that, and it seems impossible. Music isn’t verbal or conceptual. I try […]

Released on one of our favorite local labels, Motion Ward, Pontiac Streator’s Triz is a modern ambient stunner that seems to sit perfectly between the warm organic soundscapes […]

A massively underrated release from the unsung American post-experimental composer Daniel Lentz, On the Leopard Altar shines bright with voices, digital keyboards, and tuned wineglasses. While Lentz’s music […]

Viento Sur is a sublime compilation of breezy classics from the southern shores of South America compiled by Argentine DJs and collectors Bárbara Salazar and Alejandro Cohen (dublab). […]

Waves of analog synthesizers, circular breathing + soprano saxophone, harmonium drones, indigenous Borneo war drums, Moroccan tuned keyboards, and other magical soundscapes meet natural rainforest sounds on Ariel […]

Featured in the “Cosmic” section of Chee Shimizu’s Obscure Sound disc guide, Between the Universes by Tritonus is a progressive, psychedelic krautrock gem featuring warm, analog synthesizers and […]

Vernal Equinox was influenced primarily by raga music, particularly the work of vocalist Pandit Pran Nath, but also dives into other terrains including New Age with field recordings of […]

Released on vinyl for the first time on Chee Shimizu’s 17853 imprint, Pier & Loft is a timeless collection of “kankyo ongaku” style ambient compositions written for a […]

Originally released in 1992; Aphex Twin’s debut LP fusing ambient sounds with house, electro and acid inspirations. This Vinyl repress uses the 2013 remasters made from the original […]

Following up one of our favorite records of 2020, the Bristol-based Tara Clerkin Trio returns with a new four song collection. In Spring is their latest 20-minute set of […]

Featured on Music from Memory’s excellent Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991, Härte 10’s Welcome To Germany is a delightful set of oddball tracks that can probably […]

Part of the ’80s New York avant-garde scene, multi-instrumentalist Rhys Chatham studied under electronic music pioneer Morton Subotnick and minimalist composer La Monte Young. Chatham’s second album Die […]

Caribbean-Belgian composer, producer, and musician Nala Sinephro’s debut release Space 1.8 weaves together future-facing jazz and mellow ambient moods that feel wholly new. Sinephro was only 22 when she recorded Space […]

Possibly David Sylvian’s greatest solo work (it’s hard to pick), Secrets of the Beehive is a deeply introspective work of slow, electronic art rock featuring an all-star supporting […]

Originally released in 1997 on independent UK label Soul Static Sound, Echoes is ex-Tortoise member Ken Brown’s final release under the short-lived Directions moniker. Much like Tortoise’s music, […]

Barton Smith’s gorgeous “one-person orchestra” tape compositions using a mixture of acoustic, electronic, and found instruments. While clearly experimental in approach, the music was actually composed with the […]

Featured in Shotaro Matsumoto’s Walearic Disc Guide, Comme Des Garçons Volume One is, like its title suggests, a commissioned piece for the luxury Japanese clothing brand. While this may […]

Obscure, elegant synth boogie/funk from Tango?, a Barcelona band led by keyboardist Joan Enric Garde. Como Invertir Su Dinero or “How to Invest Your Money” is a set […]

Released in 1988 on the new age sub-label of Polygram dubbed Theta, Spanish guitar maestro Joan Bibiloni’s For a Future Smile continues the artist’s work of presenting the […]

Unexpectedly incredible sun-kissed electronic smooth jazz from duo Dancing Fantasy on Klaus Schulze’s Innovative Communication. Dancing Fantasy was originally formed as a smooth jazz variation on German synthesizer […]

Melancholic keyboard works by Belgian composer Dominique Lawalrée on his Editions Walrus “non-commercial music” label. The compositions feature a range of keyboard sounds using Bösendorfer piano, Hohner and […]

The first part of German electronic music pioneer Hans-Joachim Roedelius’ Selbsportrait (“Self Portrait”) series, Sanfte Musik (“Soft Music”) is a collection of raw and free-spirited pre-ambient works of […]

Much like their debut Electronique Guerilla, Heldon’s sophomore album is still very much inspired by Robert Fripp’s “Frippertronics.” However, along with the usual No Pussyfooting tape guitar loops […]

Originally released in 2014 on Hamburg-based balearic micro-label Growing Bin Records then quickly reissued just seven years later on the great Numero Group, Andras Fox’s new age dance […]

Cosmic / balearic synth explorations from Danish keyboard maestro Klaus Schønning. While not as popular or deep as his debut Lydglimt, Schønning’s third studio album Nasavu is still quite […]

Featured in the “Organic” section of Chee Shimizu’s Obscure Sound disc guide, Life Line by Michael Bierylo is a simple but gorgeous new age guitar album that seems […]

Terry Riley’s triumphant return to CBS over a decade after 1969’s A Rainbow In Curved Air, Shri Camel is a meditative masterwork blending the feeling of eastern music […]

“Organic electronic music” might sound like an oxymoron, but Bay Area duo Motoko & Myers produce just that on their sophomore album Colocate, released on Cincinnati-based label Soda Gong. […]

The full explanation of how this seminal interactive record was made is printed on the original LP cover, but to shorten it: Behrman paired live instruments and players […]

Written and recorded after the birth of her first child but before the arrival of her second, Tirzah’s Colourgrade is a follow-up to her 2018 debut, Devotion. Produced in conjunction with […]

Kraftwerk’s first attempt at radio-friendly music was a 22-minute long track meant to capture the feeling of a car journey along Germany’s first autobahn, the A 555 from […]

A crucial and once overlooked Japanese band, Ichiko Hashimoto and Atsuo Fujimoto’s Colored Music formed in 1980 after both musicians took part in Yellow Magic Orchestra’s first tour […]

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, sometimes credited as Rob Lowe or Robert A.A. Lowe, is an artist, curator, and composer who utilizes processed voice and modular synthesis to create […]

Absolutely sublime minimal-experimental-ambient music from the criminally underrated Hungarian composer Tibor Szemző. Szemző’s solo debut Snapshot From The Island features computer drums, voice, flutes, synthesizers, and a sound […]

We’re big fans of Merope’s 2021 album Salos on Stroom so naturally we checked out the rest of the Lithuanian chamber group’s releases. Naktės are songs “inspired by the […]

An EBM classic that influenced generations of artists from around the world, Liaisons Dangereuses is the debut and lone LP by Düsseldorf-based producers Beate Bartel and Chrislo Haas […]

The sole album by Joseph Byrd’s The United States Of America is a New York avant-garde classic that pulls influences from both the Fluxus and hippie movements of […]

Quite underrated, laid-back kosmische with acoustic guitars, synths, organs, piano, flutes, drum machines, extended solos and broken english from brothers Klaus and Rolf Fichter (formerly of Yatha Sidra). […]

Blending traditional Wassoulou sounds with modern synthesizers and drum machines, South Malian singer Nahawa Doumbia crafted an 80’s Afro-pop classic with her debut release on France’s Syllart Records. […]

The lone solo LP from guitarist / electro-acoustic composer, producer, and mastering engineer Scott Fraser, Architecture contains an endearing mix of chamber music, bird sounds, santur, experimental electronics, […]

Marnie Weber’s Songs Hurt Me is a seminal performance art meets post-punk album from 80’s Los Angeles. A multifaceted artist, Marnie cut her teeth in Los Angeles’s punk […]

“A psychedelic, dream-like state, with drones, opiated melodies and stellar visions,” Kashual Plastik’s No order in destiny is not your typical compilation. For one, it comes in the “most possible […]

Is Los Angeles balearic? The flat streets of the San Fernando Valley might seem a far cry from the beaches of Ibiza and yet – a strange connection […]

The “Music Interior” flagship released in 1985 on Klaus Schulze’s Innovative Communication: Morning Picture. Bassist Yoshio Suzuki’s debut on the imprint was his sophomore solo release, one that […]

A perfectly sequenced “post-modern mixtape of 12 micro-genres” created by The Numero Group’s Ken Shipley, Reach takes listeners through morning bird songs, afternoon new age, evening soul jazz, […]

Everyone knows the 80’s Eurythmics classic “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).” It’s been played countlessly on radio stations around the world for decades and is likely playing […]

Yen Records was a sub-label of Alfa Recordings launched essentially as a home for YMO’s Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi’s production projects. This commemorative compilation features remix versions […]

One of the unsung heroes of the Japanese environmental music scene, Yas-Kaz is credited for introducing Balinese gamelan music to Ryuichi Sakamoto, Midori Takada (Mkwaju Ensemble), and Shoji […]

From the liner notes: “When Paul Beaver and Bernie Krause began to record for Warner Brothers in the late 1960s, they were already electronic music pioneers. They’d been […]

“Fela Kuti-meets-Kraftwerk-on-the-dancefloor” by French composer Hector Zazou, Congolese singer Bony Bikaye, and electronic music composers CY1. Released in 1983 on seminal Belgian label Crammed Discs, Noir et Blanc […]

Highly underrated compilation of experimental jazz tracks by Korean composer / multi-instrumentalist Kim Byoung Duk. Experiment No. X takes a bit of patience to digest… many of the […]

CS + Kreme’s second outing on LA-based leftfield electronic label Total Stasis picks up where their debut left off with a perfect mix of live and electronic instrumentation […]

Led by English producer/composer David Cunningham, The Flying Lizards were an experimental new wave band that featured a loose group of collaborators including avant-garde musicians David Toop and […]

Wamdue Kids is the short-lived house music project by three guys named Chris – Brann, Clarke, and Udoh. The Atlanta based trio was first discovered in 1995 by […]

A future classic released on ISC favorite Growing Bin Records, 69 is the debut LP from friends and mutual seafood lovers Andrew Wilson (Andras) and John Tanner (Eleventeen […]

Featured in the “New Age Electronics” section of Shotaro Matsumoto’s recent Walearic (Japanese Balearic) Disc Guide, Apsaras’ lone album is an underrated Japanese gem that’s surprisingly cheap and […]

AKSK, the collaborative project of Adda Kaleh and Diego Herrera aka Suzanne Kraft, first appeared in 2015 on Rush Hour’s excellent Musik for Autobahns (Ambient Race Car Music) […]

Part of a trilogy of albums produced by Robert Fripp in the late 70’s showcasing his “Frippertronics” guitar method, Sacred Songs is an unexpected but strangely beautiful avant-garde […]

One of the most underrated LA albums of the last decade in our opinion, No World is the debut album by inc., formerly Teen Inc., aka brothers Andrew […]

Tribal electro ambient jazz composed as the soundtrack for a Japanese TV documentary “Tadayuki Naito Zebra” about the life of a zebra… What’s more to say? Jack DeJohnette […]

When Jeff Parker, guitarist of influential Chicago band Tortoise, joined us this past summer for a dedicated listening session, it was clear that his musical influences ran deep […]

We don’t often put up 12″ singles on this site but this one is a classic… A simple drum machine beat, glossy production, slightly melancholic vocals – Clio’s […]

French-catalan composer Pascal Comelade presents 18 minimal compositions featuring his signature “Bel Canto” sound, which is characterized by mixing cheap toy instruments (plastic guitars and accordions, toy pianos, […]

Transfer Station Blue is a cult classic Berlin School style album recorded by Santana drummer Michael Shrieve, his brother Kevin, and legendary German electronic composer Klaus Schulze. The […]

Released in 1983 and recorded at Mark Freeman’s Battery Sound recording studio, where Arthur Russell operated out of in the early to mid-1980s, Lost Tribe is an essential […]

Techno-Bush is Hugh Masekala and the Medu Art Ensemble’s Afro-futurist vision of South Africa. Protesting through sound and dance, Masekala and crew crafted a futuristic “techno-bush” with a […]

Featured in the “Meditative” section of Chee Shimizu’s Obscure Sound disc guide, The Slipping Beauty is a collection of sixteen short electronic pieces by the “other” Greek synth […]

One of our favorite releases of the year, Melbourne-based artist YL Hooi’s Untitled debut on Efficient Space merges the seemingly disparate worlds of post-punk, DIY minimalism, and dub […]

A daytime favorite at the In Sheep’s Clothing listening bar, violinist Giusto Pio’s Motore Immobile is a sonic masterpiece from the late 70’s Italian avant-garde scene made in […]

Prolific multidisciplinary Polish artist Wojciech Bąkowski has made a name for himself as a promising visual artist in his home country. When he’s not presenting films, artwork, or […]

One of the more underrated Prince side projects released on Paisley Park Records, The Family’s self-titled debut is, like many Prince projects, essentially a collection of Prince songs […]

A must-have for fans of the David Mancuso Loft staple “Rude Movements”, Raw Movements / Rude Movements presents previously unreleased demos from UK duo Sun Palace. Compiled by […]

Like many of our favorite records, Paul McCartney’s quirky, experimental pop album was poorly received by critics upon release but has since gained a cult following and recognized […]

The debut solo album by Mexican ambient pioneer Jorge Reyes, Ek-Tunkul is a powerful statement of purpose from an artist whose sound was wholly his own. After leaving […]

A classic obscurity from the legendary Lovefingers blog, What a Night is carefree, disco-rock from Austrian keyboardist Richard Schoenherz’s of the iconic Supermax. The Moog synthesizers, Rhodes, and […]

Produced by the legendary Eumir Deodato, Intimate Connection by New York City–based ensemble Kleeer is a groundbreaking boogie funk masterpiece and roller disco favorite. The album was released […]

The debut solo album by Harald Grosskopf, the enigmatic percussionist behind Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, and Cosmic Jokers, Synthesist is a masterpiece electronic album that is widely […]

The unexpected first time collaborative effort by experimental electronic musicians Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) and Daniel Avery was created remotely across several times zones over several years. […]

An absolute Detroit electro classic – Lifestyles Of The Laptop Café is the last album by Drexciya’s James Stinson before his untimely death in 2002. At the time […]

Before Mort Garson’s soothing ode to houseplants (the 1976 LP and now cult phenomenon, Plantasia), Garson spent a decade building one of the most varied and bizarre resumés […]

Music for healing from our good friends at Séance Centre… On Music of the Five Elements, electronic composer Sam McClellan applies the ancient Chinese philosophy of medicine to […]

Years before releasing her seminal solo work Through the Looking Glass, Japanese percussionist Midori Takada led an ensemble of percussionists exploring African drum traditions, environmental music, and minimalism. […]

One of our favorite underrated ECM cuts… And She Answered by one time project AM 4 aka saxophonist and flutist Wolfgang Puschnig, pianist Uli Scherer, and vocalist Linda […]

Featured in the “Psychedelic” section of Chee Shimizu’s Obscure Sound disc guide, Phase II – Go Go Pongs is the second and last album by amateur guitarist Klaus […]

Released on Island Records’ “Antilles New Directions” sublabel, Bush Dance by master Brazilian percussionist Naná Vasconcelos is an upbeat, world fusion record that has made its way onto […]

Originally released on tape in 1984, David Toop and Steve Beresford’s experimental dub masterpiece Danger in Paradise is a major highlight of the 80’s improvised music scene in […]

When music speaks to both the past, present, and futures to come, it invites listeners to take pause and cherish the moment. Contours’ recent release Balafon Sketches does […]

This is music for intrepid explorers of sound. Bruno de Chénerilles of Alesia Cosmos developed sci-fi soundscapes for the radio station France Culture before self-releasing Exclusivo! in 1983. […]

Insides is the English post-rock duo made up of singer/bassist Kirsty Yates and guitarist/programmer Julian Tardo, both formerly of 80’s shoegaze trio Earwig. Their debut album Euphoria was […]

French Composer and piano virtuoso Benoit Widemann began his obsession with harmony as a child and quickly found his place in the 70s prog rock scene in Paris. […]

Nils Frahm has accomplished much in his illustrious career. A minimalist composer known for his sparse piano playing and electronic sound effects, Frahm has carved out a niche […]

Featured in the psychedelic section of Chee Shimizu’s Obscure Sound disc guide, Photo Musik is an underrated gem from French guitarist Christian Boulé. Boulé was a peripheral member […]

David Sylvain’s first taste of international acclaim came by way of his band Japan. Struggling to win over fans in the mid 70’s UK punk era, Japan ironically […]

Released on JVC’s excellent Music Interior series, Lisa is the first solo effort from revered Japanese musician/producer Masahide Sakuma. Sakuma started his career playing bass in B-52s-inspired new […]

Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother’s Neu! were one of the central groups of the 70’s krautrock movement. Their first record, simply entitled NEU!, created its own paradigm, and […]

After making a name for himself in the late 70’s Amsterdam jazz scene playing with Cascada and Ritmo Natural, keyboardist Ronald Langstraat began seeking his own musical curiosities […]

Ultramarine is the Essex-based duo of Ian Cooper and Paul Hammond who produced some incredible 1970’s Canterbury influenced electronic music in the early 1990’s. Their sophomore outing Every […]

On The Way To The Peak Of Normal is the second solo album by bassist, composer, mad scientist Holger Czukay. If you’re not already familiar, Holger was one […]

Extractions is the third album by the underrated instrumental quartet Dif Juz ( a play on ‘different jazz’) and their penultimate full length before dismembering in 1986. Shortly […]

Between was an instrumental krautrock group in the 70’s formed by composers Peter Michael Hamel and Ulrich Stranz with the purpose of creating “music between the worlds.” While […]

Portuguese composer Nuno Canavarro’s cult classic debut album Plux Quba is a sublime collection of electronic experiments created using only an 8-bit sampler and 8-track tape recorder. The […]

Safe Trip once again unearths recordings from Japanese brothers Satoshi & Makoto’s archive of experiments with the Casio CZ-5000. From the first few notes of A1 Closer, the […]

Ann O’Connor’s runaway youth days in late ’70s New York is the stuff of legends. She was living on her own at 16 and with no overt desire […]

The result of over a decade of comprehensive research on the pre-Columbian instrumentation of Mesoamerica, Ipan In Xiktli Metztli is Mexican multi-instrumentalist Luis Pérez’s debut album and magnum […]

Originally self-released on cassette in 2018 and later repressed the following year to vinyl by Ghostly International, Dylan Khotin-Foote’s third full length album stands as his finest work […]

Featured in the “Floating” section of Chee Shimizu’s Obscure Sound disc guide, Tropic by pioneering Czech electronic duo ORM and vocal duo Kamelie is an impressive DIY electronic […]

Before releasing Awakening in 1980, Hiroshi Sato was already one of the most respected keyboardists/session players in Tokyo, appearing on countless classics while also building his own indelible […]

Eno’s 1975 precursor-to-ambient albums Another Green World and Discreet Music entered Bowie’s ears and infiltrated his psyche at a very interesting point in the rock star’s career: when the damaging repercussions of […]

In 1983, Yellow Magic Orchestra’s Ryuichi Sakamoto starred in his first film alongside David Bowie and legendary Japanese actor/director Takeshi Kitano aka “Beat Takeshi.” The film, Merry Christmas, […]

French keyboard player Wally Badarou had only been in London for a year when he was asked to come to Island Records’ recording studio in the Bahamas to […]

Another brilliant release from Glasgow-based experimental electronic label 12th Isle, Pataphysical’s Periphera is an immersive, ambient journey into cosmic highs and subterranean lows. Quite minimal in approach, the […]

Generally regarded as a landmark electronic music statement, A Strangely Isolated Place is a study in multi-genre lushness. With its melodic swathes of blissed out guitars washes, and […]

Sports and experimental electronic music are two worlds that don’t often collide… Short Passing Game refers to a style of play in football (soccer) that involves passing the […]

Part of the so-called “clicks and cuts” minimalist movement of German electronic music in the early ‘00s, Stefan Betke’s Pole made its name through a breathtaking trio of […]

Known for their hypnotic kraut sound, Ashra’s third record Correlations pushes them further into rock territory. Having made the first two records as solo efforts, band leader and […]

Under the moniker Fools, Chris Bear (the longstanding drummer/multi-instrumentalist of Grizzly Bear, and composer for HBO’s High Maintenance) recently released his first solo album on the Music From […]

Vernal Equinox’s New Found World is the DIY synth manifesto of two Ontario-based electronic enthusiasts Timothy Rempel and Steven J. Brenner. The duo worked together at a keyboard […]

Here’s another album that we picked up from our friends over at Séance Centre. Norwegian multi-instrumentalist Svend Undseth’s Windshave is a one of a kind work that blends […]

Chicago house music pioneer Larry Heard steps away from the dance floor to circle back on the downtempo and ambient themes previously explored on his 1996 album Alien. […]

Deutsche Wertarbeit is the brilliant and lone solo release by Dorothea Raukes, ex-singer of the prog-rock group Streetmark, and one of very few female artists operating in the […]

Echoes is a compilation of ethno-wave songs from multi-instrumentalist Frank Harris and Venezuelan singer Maria Marquez. Dating back to 1985, this collection combines both headliners’ strong suits with […]

If spacey electronics are your thing, this is your record! Released in 1976, Patrick Vian’s Bruit et Temps Analogues, was way ahead of its time in terms of […]

Nothing Nil is the vinyl debut of Shanghai-based electronic producer / DJ Knopha on new label Eating Music. Knopha is part of a small but growing underground electronic […]

Most listeners seem to discover the highly regarded avant-garde trumpeter Jon Hassell via his Fourth World, Vol. 1: Possible Musics collaboration with Brian Eno which was not just […]

Guru Guru’s Hey Du is a classic kraut record on Brain that we first heard on the legendary Lovefingers daily mp3 blog. A1 Starway was featured as a […]

Featuring 30 songs in total, Drukqs was met with a lot of blowback from critics and journalists. Many simply just didn’t seem to understand its brilliance at the time, or […]

Included in Gilles Peterson’s “Best of 2019” list, Portland-based dub collective Elite Beat’s Selected Rhythms is a percussion-driven Afro dub trip crafted from “Casual Rhythms / Harmonious Lifestyles.” […]

Jason Kolàr’s Modified Perspectives is one of the very few contemporary offerings on Nosedrip’s (mostly) reissue imprint STROOM and an In Sheep’s Clothing listening bar classic… The Barcelona-based […]

Sextant, the first record Hancock cut for his new label Columbia Records, was considered a commercial flop upon its release in 1973. The record showcased Hancock’s early adoption […]

I’m the One is the debut LP from avant-garde singer and composer Anette Peacock. Peacock was a mostly self-taught musician who grew up in California and moved to […]

Featured in the “Floating” section of Chee Shimizu’s Obscure Sound disc guide, Universal Ave is the sole album by Double Fantasy, a project by German duo Robert Schroeder […]

A masterpiece of uncanny soul, In a Mood is a holy grail find and one of only two albums by the late-great outsider guitarist Harry Case. A bit […]

This surreal and transcendental work by the American avant-garde giant was the first iteration of what would be Robert Ashley’s televised 1983 opera Private Lives. A theatrical work […]

A Warp Records classic, The Campfire Headphase is a defining record in the Boards of Canada discography in that it saw the duo adding acoustic and electric instruments […]

One of our favorite new releases this year, Duval Timothy’s Help is a powerful narrative journey navigating through the the trenches of the music industry, self-help videos, and […]

On his first solo release in almost 3 years, the British producer extraordinaire responsible for 2017’s massive club hit “Blue Pedro,” delivers one of his most satisfying and […]

Compiled and reissued by the ever reliable Efficient Space, Waak Waak ga Min Min presents the contemporary works of Indigenous Australian outfit Waak Waak Djungi, a group of […]

An early contender for best of 2020, R_R_’s Train of Thought is the debut of Latvian composer, sound artist, and lecturer, Reinis Semēvics. Released on the always dependable […]

Harmonia were a Krautrock supergroup formed in 1973 by Michael Rother of NEU! and Dieter Moebius and Joachim Roedelius of Cluster. In 1971 an antiquarian, hoping to start […]

Welcome to the cosmic playground of The Space Lady, the Queen of Outsider Music. The Space Lady (AKA Suzy Soundz; born Susan Dietrich Schneider) has a heart as […]

Old Rottenhat is the fourth solo album from ex Soft Machine drummer/vocalist Robert Wyatt. This album was released ten years apart from his last solo release and features a […]

Essential ambient pop album on Amsterdam-based label Melody as Truth from ISC favorite Diego Herrera aka Suzanna Kraft aka SK U Kno. Talk from Home was recorded over […]

A highly eclectic and pleasant mix of samba, flamenco, European folk, chanson and dreamy space pop that plays like the soundtrack to an obscure 70’s movie. Paradia is […]

A stark, off-kilter, angst-driven, supercharged debut album by British/German political-journalist-turned-singer Annika Henderson, performing as Anika, backed by the experimental electronic rock band BEAK>. The album consists primarily of […]

Bit under the radar 2018 release from Swiss guitarist Pablo Color featuring Italian ambient legend Gigi Masin and renowned Japanese record collector Chee Shimizu. La Calle Roja is […]

Prior to this Captured Tracks compilation, copies of Saâda Bonaire’s first and only single “You Could Be More As You Are” fetched a fortune, and their other songs […]

All Keyed Up by keyboardist Ben Tankard is not what you’d expect from a gospel artist… In fact, there’s not much expected or “normal” to Ben Tankard’s life […]

From RVNG Intl. comes a 2017 anthology of self-released trans-temporal new age music by Bay Area composer/synthesist Pauline Anna Strom, assembled from seven albums composed and recorded between […]

Germany’s Cass. and Gianni Brezzo turn in their first collaboration with Masala Kiss via Hamburg based label – a one we love – Growing Bin. Combining Gianni’s taste […]

A big favorite here at ISC and to all who were present during the hundreds of times we played it at the bar. It’s one of our most […]